How To Buy

How to place an order
1. Choose your product
You can select the product you want to order by clip on the button. "Order product" and enter the amount you want.

2. Check or edit the product list.
You can check or edit the product list you want to order at "Your cart"  After that, click on the button. "Place order" to proceed to order the product.

3. Choose to make an order
You can choose as follows
Order without membership: Fill out the delivery address, choose a shipping method and choose Next to choose a payment method.
Order through your account: Please enter the email and password for old customers and for new customers can choose to register to use to login.

New customers : For the first purchase Just fill in the payment information. And your shipping information By becoming a member with To make it easier to order next time And convenient for tracking orders

Existing customers : For customers that are members with Make order via the system easily Just log in By entering your email and password And place an order without having to fill out other additional information

4. Choose payment method.
You can choose a payment method by bank transfer. Once the money has been transferred, payment can be made immediately.

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