I’ll tell all the Belleboo fans on how to maximize the use of your printed fabric. Isn’t it true that in many situations, you find a very nice printed fabric and it feels like this could not be supplied for just only one shirt or one dress. Well… It sure is. At Belleboo Fabric, many printed fabrics are available for your preference and different styles of dress could be made out of them.

Could you be really relieved? When, every so often, there's news and many celebrity gossip addressing the same story of men cheating on their girls. Even if I am single, I still have that same worried feeling for all my girls and I really can’t stand seeing any of you being in that situation.

I have dated a lot of men all my life and discussed with my male friends who gave me some real insights on what they love to see their women wear. Here we go. Let’s see the tips!

No need for expensive outfits! Just remember these tricks and you’ll have that lavish look in a very limited budget.

Read it through! In the following, I will be telling you the tips to select textile types, print designs, and fabric colors that’s perfectly matched with each of your body shapes. With this guide from Belleboo, the number 1 printed fabric brand and the textile expert, you will no longer feel worried when getting dressed and will always be ready to step out and start your day.

Every day at the Belleboo office, I always come in wearing lucky colors. I even put a printed copy of a lucky colors guide on my closet. It helps remind me every morning to wear the right colors so that I always have a good start for the day.

      Hello guys! Meet me again, Belly.  It’s been a long time since we last met on Belleboo’s old website. Now, we’ve just launched the new Belleboo website. Not only that the interfaces are more practical and beautiful, but with our online store integration, you can now view all Belleboo products of more than 1,000 designs on printed fabric and muslin. Moreover, you can make a purchase directly on our website. And with the new membership system, every customer also has a chance to win the special prize. Isn’t that awesome!

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