How to make dresses from one pattern of fabric?

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Hello girls. How’re you guys doing? Today, I’ll tell all the Belleboo fans on how to maximize the use of your printed fabric. Isn’t it true that in many situations, you find a very nice printed fabric and it feels like this could not be supplied for just only one shirt or one dress. Well… It sure is. At Belleboo Fabric, many printed fabrics are available for your preference and different styles of dress could be made out of them.

Take it this way! When you see your favorite printed fabric, buy lots of it. Here, we start selling from only 2 metre or if you want to buy it in bulk, just take a roll! From this one style of print fabric, you can customise many of your favorite dresses. It could be your work outfits, home outfits, or even pajamas! 

After reading this article, you will know which pattern of printed fabric is suitable for which style of dress. Take it as an idea, and try customise your own style!

A Cherry print fabric 

Imagine this fancy cherry print.. It’s a classic pattern that suits many occasions and styles. Many of you may think that this young and playful pattern is too casual. But I can tell you that if you make a dress from this pattern, the cherry print could make you look chic and young even in a work outfit.

Not only that, it could also be a short dress for your weekend or a casual dress for your everyday look. If that’s not enough, make pajamas with this print, it’ll surely make you look like a girl.

To make it more chic, try putting on accessories like a ribbon, headband, or bag in this cherry print.

Don’t just read the guide… Come to our Belleboo shop and try this cherry ;)
Here’s come the next print. It’s for those girls who love dressing in a sweet style.

A Graphic and Floral print fabric

At Belleboo Fabric, we have more than 10,000 styles of printed fabric. Out of this, there are some styles that are very popular and most used for customising dresses. Those are print fabrics in a graphic and floral pattern.

If you have these print fabrics, you are lucky! As they are super easy to wear and they suit many dress styles.

Cropped top also goes well with a graphic or floral style or if you want to be unique, make a trouser out of it. Another option from this could be a miniskirt sleepwear, it’ll make you a sexy girl in pajamas. 

If you have a chance to visit Belleboo Fabric Studio at Soi Vanich 1, Sampeng, you’ll find that there are many more styles of print fabrics for you to choose. It’s actually no limitation at all. All styles could be customised to make your favorite dresses.

Before I go, I’d like to invite you all to visit our Instagram at “Belleboo Fabric”, to see our new products update and any other collections of printed fabrics. Any time you want to make some dress, come visit our website or our Belleboo Fabric Studio. We will always be here to guide you all about print fabrics :)

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